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Experiential Learning

Learning leads to mastery when it is retained through experience.

Strategic alignment & execution

Execute your strategy smarter, faster and together.

Change Management

Progress demands the ability to change.

LEADERSHIP - Teamwork & Teambuilding

Successful leaders depend on the productivity provided by their team.

Business & Financial Acumen

What drives the profitability of the business and how do I help?

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greater Profitability

Experiential Hands-On Development Day

We are pleased to announce the seventh in a series of collaborative training events between the UWE Bristol Business School, ProfitAbility and the SJV Group. This training event will take place on Thursday 18th January 2018 and be hosted by Smith & Williamson at their Bristol Office (Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol BS1 6NAView Location Map).

We will be looking at new approaches to leadership and management development and how these can be combined. It will be a very full and enjoyable day and we would be delighted if you are able to join us. There is no cost to attend but places are limited due to the fact that we will be running two business simulations,.

At this event we will be showing two of our popular business simulations; Magnetic Leadership and Business Essentials.

You will experience the first decision rounds of each business simulation; This will give you a clear image of how they may help you and your business.
There will be plenty of time to ask questions as well as to network with other attendees from varying backgrounds.

The quality of your leaders defines the success of your organisation.

We’re not just talking about the people you rely on to lead your organisation today. We mean the managers and high-potential employees who will become the leaders of tomorrow too. You need pipeline of leaders that you can depend on.

The day is also fun, and a great chance to network with other like-minded professionals.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change




Experience the IMPACT




greater Profitability

Automotive Showcase

If you are in the automotive or UK manufacturing industry, you will benefit massively from attending this event.


With 814,000 jobs dependent on the sector, the UK Automotive Industry is a critical part of the UK’s Industrial footprint, accounting for over £70 billion in revenue annually.

This event will showcase a business simulation developed specifically for UK Automotive, that will help improve profitability by learning how

  • to manage and run a profitable dealership
  • the decisions taken in one part of the business can impact everything else
  • the Industry Standard KPI’s and Benchmarks can be used to make better decisions and track progress
  • to create credible, meaningful discussions and plans between Dealers and Manufacturers for their mutual benefit

Who should attend?

  • Those working for Manufacturers who are responsible for or have an interest in Retailer Profitability and Growth
  • Dealer Principals and their direct reports.
  • Those working in HR or L&D who are interested in People Development

Please note that this schedule is subject to change





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  • Client Testimonial
  • Our staff likes the Curatr style of learning. I've been impressed with what they are sharing with me.
    Julia Mahoney
    Wealth Learning
    Coutts, UK
  • Excellent day. Witnessed the real meaning of Experiential Learning. Great to see 3 simulations in one day. Very powerful.
    Angela Hassal
  • I could not have held that meeting and gotten those results. without the ProfitAbility simulation.
    Kentucky Plant Manager
  • It’s amazing how addictive this Curatr actually becomes once you get into the swing.
    Paul Clayton
    Barclaycard, UK.
  • It has been both  an honor  and fun having the recent workshop with you. This exceptional level of engagement of all attendees has been the headline of our company for the past few days. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to your creativity and dedication that led to the success of this workshop.
    Kamal Fouad MBA, CPLP
    Talent Development Manager
    The Change Simulation
    Gulf Medical Co Ltd
  • I came for one session and stayed for all three. Captivated throughout.
    Operations Manager,
    Manufacturing Company
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