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07 Sep 2016

Why your future Learning and Development will come in a Tin Can

You can’t be involved in L&D without taking a keen interest in e-learning. It obviously will play an increasingly…

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learning and development
23 Aug 2016

Learning and Development Buzzwords – Help or Hindrance?

It is one of the curses of the age that in whatever walk of life and of business we…

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business learning
11 Aug 2016

Game On – how Gamification is applied to business learning

You can tell a concept has crossed over into the mainstream, when it appears in national media like the…

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04 Aug 2016

Why Business Simulations Can Be Right On So Many Levels

“Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels” (Tim Vine, Edinburgh Festival 2011)

I don’t…

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agile management
09 May 2016

The truth about what Agile Management really means

Given that the alternative is “clumsy management”, most of us would like to embrace “agile management”, but that leaves…

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business learning
15 Apr 2016

How can you make business learning stick?

Anyone involved in Learning and Development in businesses knows how hard it can be to achieve ‘stickiness’ – lasting…

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13 Apr 2016

What stimulates employees to apply learning

Stanford professor Carol Dweck is known globally in education, but her work is not yet widely used in business…

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04 Apr 2016

The Demographic Management Time Bomb

There’s a demographic problem afflicting business. Put simply, the Millennials are taking over the reins as the Baby Boomers…

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28 Mar 2016

Why Business needs Flipped Classrooms

The concept of ‘Flipping the Classroom‘ is becoming well-known in school education, but it is little recognised as yet…

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25 Mar 2016

Experiential Learning that leads to Business Execution

In my decades of experience gained from creating new learning and development programmes designed to effect lasting results, I…

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