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06 Oct 2016

Change? It’s too late after the Platform Burns!

CATEGORIES: Change Management

Occasionally, change is forced upon us by some form of disaster, tragically fatal in certain instances.  Literal (oil) platform…

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learning and development
25 Aug 2016

How Can You Train People To Take The Initiative?


So much of what we do in Learning and Development is about coaching people to think for themselves, to…

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business simulation
18 Aug 2016

The History of Games – And Why Business Simulation Gaming Can Be Serious Fun


noun: informal
a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in…

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08 Aug 2016

Effective Team Building – when is a Business Unit too big?

Successful businesses require teamwork, but how big should that team be? One person has convincingly supplied the answer –…

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13 Jun 2016

Don’t Dread Business Change – Embrace Change Management



“In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”

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02 Jun 2016

Measuring the ROI on your Change Management Training


Any Human Resources Director worth their salt will be keen to know what return they obtain from spending their…

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employee engagement
30 May 2016

What Training Can You Do to Improve Employee Engagement?


All of us in Learning and Development know how much of a ‘buzz phrase’ Employee Engagement (EE) is. Everyone…

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team building activities
19 May 2016

The Misapprehension About Team Building Activities


One of the enduring features of business training is that team building activities are still favoured.

But whenever ‘team building’…

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trial and error
21 Apr 2016

Trial and Error in Business – a Really Bad Idea


If practice makes perfect, then why do so many businesses not practice how to run their operations more effectively?…

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productivity gap
11 Apr 2016

We can learn to bridge Britain’s productivity gap


How can we help to make our workforce more efficient? How can we address the embarrassingly persistent bugbear of…

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