As published in Training Industry Top 20 Gamification Companies 2016

ProfitAbility makes Training Industry’s Top Gamification Companies list third year running!

26 Sep 2016

ProfitAbility are very proud to announce being named one of's Top 20 Gamification Companies for a third year running!

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On a mission to bust training myths
01 Jul 2017

Training Myths #2: “Seven, Plus or Minus Two”


The second article in a series of blogs on Training Myths.

“The Magical Number Seven (Plus or MinusTwo):…

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Experiential Learning: The Business Essentials Simulation
12 Jun 2017

Experiential Learning – A journey of discovery for an Introvert


When I need to understand something I ask; Can you…

  • show me?
  • draw that for me?
  • stay there while…

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On a mission to bust training myths
01 Jun 2017

Training Myths # 1: “Only 7% of communication depends on what we say.”


Introducing the first in a brand new series of blogs on Training Myths.

“Only 7% of communication depends…

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Learning Never Ends: Take ownership of your learning
15 May 2017

Take ownership of your learning!

CATEGORIES: E-learning, People

This blog was originally posted on the author, Mike Osborne's LinkedIn profile. Read there.

This little impromptu…

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How does motivation work?
02 Mar 2017

Motivation: How does it work anyway?

CATEGORIES: Motivation

Blog from James Wilkinson exploring how motivation works. View it on LinkedIn.

Last night, I overheard my wife…

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Game Based Learning Journals
12 Jan 2017

45 Game-based Learning Journals


Michael SuttonThis weeks blog, 45 Game-based Learning Journals, comes from guest…

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06 Oct 2016

Change? It’s too late after the Platform Burns!

CATEGORIES: Change Management

Occasionally, change is forced upon us by some form of disaster, tragically fatal in certain instances.  Literal (oil) platform…

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29 Sep 2016

Is Blended Learning on the menu for future courses?  


All of us in Learning and Development know that our subject is undergoing massive change. E-learning, in its various…

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OC Excellence Awards 2016 Finalist
08 Sep 2016

ProfitAbility announced as an award finalist for Organisational Culture Excellence 2016!


“Great cultures advance winning business strategies. They markedly increase engagement and productivity; and retain and attract amazing…

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