As published in Training Industry Top 20 Gamification Companies 2016

ProfitAbility makes Training Industry’s Top Gamification Companies list third year running!

26 Sep 2016

ProfitAbility are very proud to announce being named one of's Top 20 Gamification Companies for a third year running!

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productivity gap
11 Apr 2016

We can learn to bridge Britain’s productivity gap


How can we help to make our workforce more efficient? How can we address the embarrassingly persistent bugbear of…

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07 Apr 2016

Collaboration is not cooperation or coordination, so what is it?


Collaboration remains elusive for many companies as they continue to struggle to bring together the necessary skills and resources…

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04 Apr 2016

The Demographic Management Time Bomb

There’s a demographic problem afflicting business. Put simply, the Millennials are taking over the reins as the Baby Boomers…

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31 Mar 2016

Agile Leadership Defined and Brought to Life – Experientially


When we spoke to a group of Learning & Development experts at our recent Open Day, shortly before immersing…

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30 Mar 2016

Collaboration versus Competitive Silos – The Business Challenge


Every year, Deloitte carries out a study of CEOs and HR Leaders around the world, quizzing them on their…

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28 Mar 2016

Why Business needs Flipped Classrooms

The concept of ‘Flipping the Classroom‘ is becoming well-known in school education, but it is little recognised as yet…

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25 Mar 2016

Experiential Learning that leads to Business Execution

In my decades of experience gained from creating new learning and development programmes designed to effect lasting results, I…

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17 Mar 2016

How War Games Influence Business Simulation Games


The recent ProfitAbility sampler day held at the IoD in London demonstrated to a cross-section of Learning and Development…

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14 Mar 2016

How ProfitAbility is a key part of The Great Game of Business™


If you’ve never played a business game such as the simulations created by ProfitAbility, then you may believe that…

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07 Mar 2016

How long does the effect of experiential learning last?

Any Learning and Development Manager knows the curse of conventional business training courses – they don’t stay in the…

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