Business & Financial Acumen

  • Strengthen core business awareness and financial literacy

  • “Know your numbers” is a fundamental precept of business

    Bill Gates
  • “Businessmen must move with the times … correlation between knowledge and business, as the key to success, is closer than ever.”

    Li K Shing

Understand the numbers and how the business makes money.

Know how everyone involved in the business – contributes.

Have the ability to make good judgement calls and decisions in every role.

Understand what activities maintain, drive and improve – profitability.

“Would that every senior executive, manager and employee know the worth of their activities.”


Many managers have never been taught the concepts and importance of key financial terms and business processes. Surveys reveal a gap between financial ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’, which can be critical to an organisation’s performance.


That’s where we can help.
We provide fun, quick, lasting learning that helps managers and their staff use the knowledge gained through – experience – and hence it is applied immediately, naturally and forever.

We are a specialist experiential learning team. In simulations that mirror your business and their roles, teams experience how to improve profitability.


For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.

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