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11 Aug 2016

Game On – how Gamification is applied to business learning

You can tell a concept has crossed over into the mainstream, when it appears in national media like the…

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28 Mar 2016

Why Business needs Flipped Classrooms

The concept of ‘Flipping the Classroom‘ is becoming well-known in school education, but it is little recognised as yet…

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11 Feb 2016

Can you train your managers to be financially literate?

There is a major issue in many companies – people are promoted to management positions without having a proper…

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21 Jan 2016

Why business simulation games inspire students

As an innovator in the field of experiential learning for business leaders and teams, ProfitAbility has built a reputation…

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18 Jan 2016

Experiencing Business Learning that works

‘You’re being sent on a finance course’. Be honest, doesn’t that make the heart sink? How often have you…

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14 Jan 2016

Experiential Learning – mutual benefits for military and corporate teams


After 34 years in the Army, Brigadier Simon Deakin OBE knows a great deal about training in high pressure…

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14 Apr 2015

Manufacturing growth: how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity


For a future world where resources are increasingly scarce yet demand for products continues to grow, the extent to…

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08 Nov 2013

Introducing Digital ProfitAbility


Over the course of the next few weeks I will be blogging about ProfitAbility’s new range of digital offerings:…

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22 Apr 2013

The global financial skills survey – some worrying findings


It’s a boring cliché, but in today’s challenging economic climate, businesses need people that know and understand…

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16 Apr 2013

Musings of a facilitator (VII)


The lightbulb moment (in just two hours)

I am always amazed by the buzz and excitement after one of our…

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