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25 Aug 2016

How Can You Train People To Take The Initiative?


So much of what we do in Learning and Development is about coaching people to think for themselves, to…

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learning and development
23 Aug 2016

Learning and Development Buzzwords – Help or Hindrance?

It is one of the curses of the age that in whatever walk of life and of business we…

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business simulation
18 Aug 2016

The History of Games – And Why Business Simulation Gaming Can Be Serious Fun


noun: informal
a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in…

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business learning
11 Aug 2016

Game On – how Gamification is applied to business learning

You can tell a concept has crossed over into the mainstream, when it appears in national media like the…

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08 Aug 2016

Effective Team Building – when is a Business Unit too big?

Successful businesses require teamwork, but how big should that team be? One person has convincingly supplied the answer –…

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04 Aug 2016

Why Business Simulations Can Be Right On So Many Levels

“Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels” (Tim Vine, Edinburgh Festival 2011)

I don’t…

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01 Aug 2016

Is your business courting disaster – or training your way out of it?


Failure in itself is not a catastrophe, but failure to learn from failure definitely is. It is not enough…

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26 Jul 2016

Where does Experiential Learning fit within the 70:20:10 Model?


A lot of what is written about Learning and Development is qualitative. It is often hard to ascribe hard…

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22 Jul 2016

Can You Train Your Salesforce to Know Customers’ KPIs? Here’s how…


Typically, a field sales team will be focused on maximising sales volumes– but here’s a case where the need…

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21 Jun 2016

In Praise of Silos within Companies


I’m about to write what will be regarded as heresy in many quarters: I will argue that the much-derided…

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