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18 Jul 2016

Firms have a Leadership Development Training disconnect – Official


We all know that we have a Next Generation breed of leaders, who are rising to the top faster…

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08 Jun 2016

Leadership Training – Why Bespoke Business Simulation is the Way Forward


Experiential learning can take many forms, and it continues to evolve as it becomes more and more established as…

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team building activities
19 May 2016

The Misapprehension About Team Building Activities


One of the enduring features of business training is that team building activities are still favoured.

But whenever ‘team building’…

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agile management
09 May 2016

The truth about what Agile Management really means

Given that the alternative is “clumsy management”, most of us would like to embrace “agile management”, but that leaves…

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04 Apr 2016

The Demographic Management Time Bomb

There’s a demographic problem afflicting business. Put simply, the Millennials are taking over the reins as the Baby Boomers…

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09 Feb 2016

How can you teach Teamwork?


There is a pressing demand for companies to adapt, to work more flexibly and perform in new ways in…

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04 Feb 2016

When Facilitating creates more effective learning than Training


If your Learning and Development provider told you “I aim not to teach people anything at all”, what would…

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Leadership development
01 Feb 2016

Why Most Leadership Development Fails – and What to do About it


In marketing, the old adage is that “half of my advertising is wasted – I just don’t know which…

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The art of communication – useful tips for aspiring leaders
04 Jan 2016

The Art of Communication – Useful Tips for Aspiring Leaders


Consider the statement “Bond. James Bond.” The timing, the inflection, the impact: would that we could leave such an…

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26 Oct 2015

5 Tips for giving feedback that works


What kind of feedback do you  provide to employees – more importantly, how do you deliver this feedback?

Research suggests…

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