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On a mission to bust training myths
01 Jul 2017

Training Myths #2: “Seven, Plus or Minus Two”


The second article in a series of blogs on Training Myths.

“The Magical Number Seven (Plus or MinusTwo):…

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On a mission to bust training myths
01 Jun 2017

Training Myths # 1: “Only 7% of communication depends on what we say.”


Introducing the first in a brand new series of blogs on Training Myths.

“Only 7% of communication depends…

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07 Sep 2016

Why your future Learning and Development will come in a Tin Can

You can’t be involved in L&D without taking a keen interest in e-learning. It obviously will play an increasingly…

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learning and development
23 Aug 2016

Learning and Development Buzzwords – Help or Hindrance?

It is one of the curses of the age that in whatever walk of life and of business we…

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business learning
15 Apr 2016

How can you make business learning stick?

Anyone involved in Learning and Development in businesses knows how hard it can be to achieve ‘stickiness’ – lasting…

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13 Apr 2016

What stimulates employees to apply learning

Stanford professor Carol Dweck is known globally in education, but her work is not yet widely used in business…

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04 Apr 2016

The Demographic Management Time Bomb

There’s a demographic problem afflicting business. Put simply, the Millennials are taking over the reins as the Baby Boomers…

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09 Oct 2015

Self-awareness & Success – To be able to lead others, you must know yourself


“Self-awareness” is a concept that has been widely examined and researched in varied fields, such as philosophy, social science,…

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14 Apr 2015

Manufacturing growth: how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity


For a future world where resources are increasingly scarce yet demand for products continues to grow, the extent to…

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18 Jul 2014
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