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Experiential Learning: The Business Essentials Simulation
12 Jun 2017

Experiential Learning – A journey of discovery for an Introvert


When I need to understand something I ask; Can you…

  • show me?
  • draw that for me?
  • stay there while…

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Learning Never Ends: Take ownership of your learning
15 May 2017

Take ownership of your learning!

CATEGORIES: E-learning, People

This blog was originally posted on the author, Mike Osborne's LinkedIn profile....

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Manufacturing growth how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity 2
14 Apr 2015

Manufacturing growth: how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity


For a future world where resources are increasingly scarce yet demand for products continues to grow, the extent to…

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27 Mar 2014

Welcome Eric Pittman


At ProfitAbility our mission is plug the talent gap and prepare future business leaders for success, by accelerating their…

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27 Jan 2014

The Power of Self-Awareness in Developing Leaders


Why is it that all the great authors and respected consultants in leadership development, such as Stephen Covey, Ken…

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16 Apr 2013

Musings of a facilitator (VII)


The lightbulb moment (in just two hours)

I am always amazed by the buzz and excitement after one of our…

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01 Feb 2013
14 Nov 2012

Interview with Brian Helweg-Larsen


How did you get into simulations?
I had a very rich and varied start in life, living in the Bahamas…

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10 Jul 2012