Change Management

  • “Your success is NOT based on your ability to change. It’s
    based on your ability to change faster (and smarter) than
    your competition…”

    M. Sanborn
  • “Progress is impossible without change ……..”

    G.B. Shaw
  • “Change before you have to”.

    J. Welch

Organisational change requires individual change.

All change is hard at first – messy in the middle – and great at the end.

Change management activities involve: defining and instilling new values, attitudes, norms and behaviours.


That’s where we can help.
Before you can get real individual ‘buy-in’, people need to feel the problem. That’s where experiential learning really works well. When people personally “discover” why change is needed, and collectively model the improvements – they own, believe in, and readily implement the changes. Getting people to change behaviour requires a shift in mind-set, emotional commitment, and different leadership skills to those involved in making strategic and operational decisions.


As a specialist experiential learning team we help YOUR teams to experience the skills needed to:

✓ empower people to recognise and recommend where change is needed

✓ encourage the adoption of change

✓ stimulate and be motivated by change

✓ manage change


For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.


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