Automotive Showcase

Kents Hill Park Training & Conference Centre, Kents Hill Park, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ

07 Feb 2018


With 814,000 jobs dependent on the sector, the UK Automotive Industry is a critical part of the UK’s Industrial footprint, accounting for over £70 billion in revenue annually. The industry now faces a number of challenges, some of which have been seen before and others that are new and unique. These include:
  • Brexit: Anticipated increases in the cost of trade are disrupting investment decisions being taken today. The SMMT estimates that tariff costs could exceed £4 billion.
  • CAV’s: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles continue to disrupt the industry, but also present an opportunity for the UK to take a leadership role in the global economy.
  • UK Economy: 2016 saw UK car production hit a 17 year high at over 1.7 million vehicles. Developing a suitably skilled and flexible workforce through investment in training and apprenticeships is key to continuing that growth.
  • Collaboration: The NFDA survey in January 2017 showed a decline in dealer / manufacturer relationships, with the average dealer having a negative movement of 7.6 points. Amongst the uncertainty and disruption it is more important than ever to improve collaboration and have more impactful relationships.
This event will showcase a simulation developed specifically for UK Automotive, that will help mitigate these uncertainties. Attendees will learn:
  • How to manage and run a profitable dealership
  • How the decisions taken in one part of the business can impact everything else
  • How the Industry Standard KPI’s and Benchmarks can be used to make better decisions and track progress
  • How to create credible, meaningful discussions and plans between Dealers and Manufacturers for their mutual benefit
There will also be demonstration of a leadership simulation to promote self-awareness with a view to increasing Employee Engagement, a key driver of Customer Satisfaction. We have invited guest speakers from the Automotive Industry, and this will be an excellent opportunity to network with peers for discussion and reflection.


As well as plenty of opportunities to network throughout the day, a drinks reception will be held after the event hosted by ProfitAbility.

Where and when

Join us at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 7th February 2018.  
  • Those working for Manufacturers who are responsible for or have an interest in Retailer Profitability and Growth
  • Dealer Principals and their direct reports.
  • Those working in HR or L&D who are interested in People Development
Hosting complimentary versions of our business simulations and solutions is our way of providing you with the chance to experience the power of experiential learning for yourself.
No risk, no sales spiel. We will run the first decision round of the "off the shelf"/ generic versions of two simulations, so you are able to evaluate them for your organisation.
The day is also fun, and a great chance to network with other like minded professionals.
"I could have not have held that meeting, and gotten those results, without the ProfitAbility simulation" - one of many testomials praising our experiential learning solutions

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Automotive Showcase
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    Kents Hill Park Training & Conference Centre, Milton Keynes
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