Haworth: Magnetic Leadership Open Program
31 Mar 2014

Haworth: Magnetic Leadership Open Program


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“Facilitation of program was incredible.  I was 100% engaged the entire time. (Rare for a full day program).”

The Magnetic Leadership road show continues, with our most recent experience graciously hosted by Haworth. We say in the program, “Feedback is a blessing.” While that is true, it is also a blessing to have world class training facilities and a building that is years ahead of its time! Their building and training facilities are a representation of who they are as a business. Check out their website:

So basically we had a really cool place to run the open program. It’s amazing what a bright, open and well-put-together training room can do for engagement. So marry a cool learning environment with a cool learning platform like a simulation, and you should get great results, right? Right!

“I was highly engaged the entire day.  I learned a new way to approach feedback.”

Seems our friends in West Michigan were very happy with what they saw (click here to review the raw written feedback). The best feedback to date might also have a little to do with the engaging workspace. Not an easy feat to please veteran learning practitioners.

“I was hesitant coming into this simulation due to the role playing aspect.  My expectations were met in ways that I didn’t realize.”

We built Magnetic Leadership to help plug the talent gap. The program prepares future business leaders for success by accelerating their development using a configured learning-by-doing approach which is relevant, naturally engaging and has a lasting impact.

“If you want a unique opportunity to gain better insight to your strengths and weaknesses as a leader attend Magnetic Leadership.  The Magnetic Leadership simulation really allows you to gain valuable feedback from other participants and practice new ideas in a safe environment.” – Bill Altena, Sr. Program Development Consultant, Haworth

Our desire is to partner with the likes of Haworth, world-class companies who have leadership development as part of their business strategy, and to support the development of future leaders by enhancing leadership development curricula with innovative learning approaches. Hence why we do these open programs; it’s an open, honest and risk-free way to evaluate something we know works. We wish everyone else would agree too, so join us and check out the next open program in your area!
This recent article by Gallup (click here to read) really embraces why companies like Allstate, Harley-Davidson, Siemens, Eaton and Nestlé have chosen Magnetic Leadership to support their leadership development activities. Trust me, it won’t solve all your problems in one shot, but it will accelerate and enhance leaders’ development goals. Gallup suggests great leaders have the following talents:

  • They motivate every single employee to take action and engage employees with a compelling mission and vision.
  • They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance.
  • They create a culture of clear accountability.
  • They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency.
  • They make decisions based on productivity, not politics.

In programs like Magnetic Leadership, leaders will enhance their self-awareness, clearly seeing which of these critical talents are their strengths, and which they have to work on. Self-awareness is not self-made. The most effective way to know ones strengths and weaknesses is to put them through something like Magnetic Leadership.

Here are a few of the “this is what I learned” comments from the Haworth open program to support the self-awareness piece. Imagine what can be done if the program is configured to your leadership model and business nuances, with a like-minded group of leaders eager to learn…

“It helps to emphasize your weakest link.”

“Be aware of my “opportunity” areas.”

“Listen more / thanks more / assume less.”

So come join us at the next open program, or contact me if you are interested in hosting, or want to find out more about Magnetic Leadership for your business.

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