Leadership, Teamwork & Team Building

  • “Regardless of what a leader does – productivity depends on
    the actions and attitude of her followers.”

  • “Leaders actively embrace company goals
    and inject a touch of personal passion.”

    A.Zaleznik Harvard Business School

LEADERSHIP is an exercise of influence.

A Leader is one part of the TEAM. The leader cannot do “it” on their own.

A motivated, hardworking team, trained, competent, confident, engaged and feeling good about themselves, their colleagues and their tasks – is every leader’s dream.

Team Building & Teamwork requires: focused, eager, professional, at ease with each other, pro-active, anticipating, trusting, robust, consistent, dependable, agile, flexible and resourceful people.

There are many leadership models, gurus and trends, but one irrefutable imperative is –“experience”. Experience as a leader; experience as a team – and that means “practice” in a realistic business setting.
That’s where we can help.
We let your high potential resources become confident in their abilities; more self-aware; conscious of their ability to influence; appreciative of their impact; competent, practiced leaders – in days not months – respected, supported and in collaboration with their peers.

Via compressed, highly engaging, “experiential learning” modules, we accelerate the quiet, proficient use of a leader’s inherent natural skills to achieve personal and company goals.

For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.

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James Wilkinson

James WilkinsonHead of Leadership, Teamwork & Team Building Practice

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