Happy Birthday Magnetic Leadership
05 Jun 2014

Happy Birthday Magnetic Leadership


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It’s been just over three years since we launched Magnetic Leadership for the first time in Chicago. It is now our most popular leadership simulation worldwide, and enhances leadership curricula at all levels in some of the world’s finest organizations like Nestle, Siemens, Eaton, Harley-Davidson and Allstate.

We’ve improved Magnetic Leadership dramatically since April 2011, and those who were in our first few classes would barely recognize the program now. Chicago is its home. It’s our home. However, it seems Chicagoans are the hardest to please! Of our many Magnetic Leadership clients, only three companies are in Chicago. Come on guys, back your own kind!!

So on its three year anniversary, we brought Magnetic Leadership back to Chicago and ran an open program hosted by Navistar. With leaders and learning leaders from the likes of Hollister, Stepan, Ingredion, Navistar and Hillshire Brands, we had a great group to evaluate the program. So how did it go?

Not bad – an average of 8.34 out of 10 for the program as a whole. For Chicago, that’s pretty darn good. Not as good as the time we ran it at Astellas this time last year, and still well below what our friends in Michigan say. But even though this was a demo of the full 2-day program, we still got great feedback like this:

“I received feedback that I believe helped will help me become a better leader”
“I have more awareness of how I communicate strategy and vision”
“I will take a step back, unroll my sleeves and try to not get into specific tasks and do more delegation and observation”
“I will be more open about what I don’t know”
“Love the innovation and unique approach to the learning process”

Click here for the full participant feedback.

We get this type of response every time we run a program. Magnetic Leadership truly changes people, yet there is still resistance to put something like this into the development journeys of our leaders.

We know the simulation is not a magic bullet that cures all, and it will not single-handedly solve the talent shortfall most companies face. It is, however, a strong accelerator for your future leaders, either as a stand-alone experience or when integrated into your leadership development curriculum.

Thank you Navistar – amazing headquarters and training facilities! Also thank you for those who attended – great group – as always, we had a blast!!

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