Manufacturing growth: how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity
14 Apr 2015

Manufacturing growth: how L&D can deliver the mind set for better productivity


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For a future world where resources are increasingly scarce yet demand for products continues to grow, the extent to which manufacturing companies can master resource productivity will define their ability to compete successfully.

So say two McKinsey consultants Markus Hammer and Ken Somers in their new book which focuses on what manufacturing companies should be doing to increase profits and maintain competitive advantage.

Having reached the limits of the efficiency improvements that can be achieved through an ‘upgrade and automate‘ approach to infrastructure, they ague that manufacturers need to find new ways to deliver improvements.

Their answer to this challenge is a manifesto which lays out five core beliefs which should be at the heart of the way manufacturers work in the future.

Their ideas are that organisations need to promote a culture that thinks lean, sets truly stretching targets for productivity, socialises a common measure of productivity, manages change effectively and thinks sustainably.

Why does this matter to L&D?

Because the much-needed innovation that manufacturing companies need to thrive in the future will not come from technology but from people.

And if success in manufacturing will boil down to the ability of businesses can get their people thinking, acting and leading in new ways then there is a clear call to action for L&D to understand how it can support leaders in overcoming these strategic challenges.

We can also apply the same thinking of Hammer and Somers to our own discipline: if our organisations are to succeed we need to stop tinkering around with incremental change and radically rethink the way we support our organisations with L&D interventions.

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing ideas around how to overcome challenges like this through our Knowledge Network for L&D in Manufacturing.

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