Alignment & Execution of Strategy

  • “Execute the Strategic Plan – smarter, faster and together”

    Practice Head
  • “75% of large organisations struggle to implement their strategies.”

    Harvard Business Review

Align, motivate and, ‘practice to perfect’ the implementation of your strategic plan. To execute well will require collaboration throughout your organisation, and that is attained through – experience.

Key “execution” points:

  • communication
  • employee engagement
  • motivation
  • business awareness, commercial savvy
  • the helicopter view or, big picture
  • silos vs. collaboration
  • competitive advantage
  • short vs. long term performance

To execute well will require “experience” – a collaborative experience – throughout the organisation.


That’s where we can help.
We align, motivate, and ‘practice to perfect’ the implementation of your strategic plan.

We are a specialist experiential learning team.

We help your teams to experience the execution of your strategy.

Enable your team to implement your strategy successfully.

Capture their hearts and minds – align their behaviours.

Augment their capabilities – develop new ones.

Let them practice implementing your strategy again and again in a safe environment.

Build their confidence in their new skills – gain their buy-in – empower them to lead the company’s growth.

Adopt this creative experiential learning approach, based on proven military techniques.

Let us prepare, align and engage your team – in successfully executing your strategy.


For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.


I am happy to talk through my experiences and how they may be of use to your organisation. Please feel free to contact me:

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