Welcome Eric Pittman
27 Mar 2014

Welcome Eric Pittman


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At ProfitAbility our mission is plug the talent gap and prepare future business leaders for success, by accelerating their development using configured learning by doing, which is relevant, naturally engaging and have a lasting impact. Our objective is to partner and collaborate with all Midwest companies who have leadership development as part of their business strategy, and to support the development of their future leaders by enhancing leadership development curricula with our innovative learning approaches. What makes us unique is a portfolio of successful simulation and gaming templates that are proven and cost-effectively configured and customized to our client’s learning and business needs. This ensures there are no challenges in transferring what is learnt to the learner’s real world. We don’t believe the cookie cutter approach of off the shelf programs will accelerate the development of our future leaders.

To execute our great strategy with great clients, we need great people. To effectively consult with our clients and support the configurations of our templates to specific learning needs, I am excited to introduce you all to Eric Pittman.

“As the newest member of the ProfitAbility US team, I recently had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in our UK office as a part of my onboarding and orientation. As I had only been on board a short time, I have to say I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was still getting my feet wet with all the programs and possibilities, and now I was off “across the pond to see how it all gets done. With nearly 20 years of L & D experience myself, I was excited to see what awaits for me on this new adventure. To put it simply, I was very impressed.

The people we have on this team, both in the UK and here in the US, are impressive to say the least. The commitment, dedication, and creativity are second to none. Collectively, the team brings literally hundreds of years of experience in learning, design, and training methodology to every project. While everyone has their role, the collaborative efforts from top to bottom were refreshing to see and experience first-hand. Within minutes of my arrival in the office, I was introduced to ownership and the time they personally committed to help me understand where we came from, what we can do, and where we are heading was invigorating. During my stay, I was able to work with everyone in the office on a project, and the experience was exceptional.

With a stable of more than 10 successful simulation templates, and over 120 configurations of those templates to work from as a base, and a creative team that can configure or create from scratch, there really is no L&D challenge that we cannot solve. While our Magnetic Leadership program is an incredibly powerful leadership development program that should be an integral part of every company’s leadership development journey, there are so many other solutions to work with…board games, online options, online and social learning platforms, and systems to join everything together into a learning journey that is so much more effective than a single learning event.

While a simulation or game may not always be the right answer, immersive learning is incredibly powerful, effective, and efficient. I’m proud to be the newest member of a ProfitAbility team that truly can make learning happen by doing and offer multiple parts to an effective and long-lasting solution to most any development challenge.”

Thanks Eric. We can now proudly say our programs are…………….MADE IN THE USA!

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