What we do

“We help improve your company’s – ProfitAbility”  General Manager

We drive sustainable business growth through experiential learning that changes how people think, behave and perform.

We design and deliver fully blended and customised business simulation programmes to some of the world’s leading organisations.

Programmes are driven by four cornerstones of effective business learning:

Commercial focus

Identify the skills and behaviour needed today to support your future commercial goals.

Customised learning

Develop ‘learning journeys’ that are relevant to your people, their roles, their business units, their leaders and the corporate objectives.

Learning by “discovery

In time pressured, “run the business” cycles, people “discover” how to make improvements for their business. The relevance to their roles with real challenges, ensures immediate engagement, rapid learning, adoption and application.

Immediate results

New behaviours, processes and results have been “experienced” and proven to work during the simulation. They are adopted during the programme and re-enforced as part of the ‘learning journey’.

Hence, the experience provides that – lasting and immediate impact – for the individuals, and the business.

Understand the numbers and how the business makes money. Know how everyone involved in the business – contributes. Have the ability to make good judgement calls and decisions in every role. Understand what activities maintain, drive and improve - profitability. “Would that every senior executive, manager and employee know the worth of their activities.”   Many managers have never been taught the concepts and importance of key financial terms and business processes. Surveys reveal a gap between financial ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’, which can be critical to an organisation’s performance.   That’s where we can help. We provide fun, quick, lasting learning that helps managers and their staff use the knowledge gained through - experience – and hence it is applied immediately, naturally and forever. We are a specialist experiential learning team. In simulations that mirror your business and their roles, teams experience how to improve profitability.   For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and - experience it.
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LEADERSHIP is an exercise of influence. A Leader is one part of the TEAM. The leader cannot do “it” on their own. A motivated, hardworking team, trained, competent, confident, engaged and feeling good about themselves, their colleagues and their tasks – is every leader’s dream. Team Building & Teamwork requires: focused, eager, professional, at ease with each other, pro-active, anticipating, trusting, robust, consistent, dependable, agile, flexible and resourceful people. There are many leadership models, gurus and trends, but one irrefutable imperative is –“experience”. Experience as a leader; experience as a team – and that means “practice” in a realistic business setting. That’s where we can help. We let your high potential resources become confident in their abilities; more self-aware; conscious of their ability to influence; appreciative of their impact; competent, practiced leaders – in days not months – respected, supported and in collaboration with their peers. Via compressed, highly engaging, “experiential learning” modules, we accelerate the quiet, proficient use of a leader’s inherent natural skills to achieve personal and company goals. For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and - experience it.
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James Wilkinson

James WilkinsonHead of Leadership, Teamwork & Team Building Practice

Align, motivate and, ‘practice to perfect’ the implementation of your strategic plan. To execute well will require collaboration throughout your organisation, and that is attained through - experience. Key “execution” points:
  • communication
  • employee engagement
  • motivation
  • business awareness, commercial savvy
  • the helicopter view or, big picture
  • silos vs. collaboration
  • competitive advantage
  • short vs. long term performance
To execute well will require “experience” - a collaborative experience - throughout the organisation.   That’s where we can help. We align, motivate, and ‘practice to perfect’ the implementation of your strategic plan. We are a specialist experiential learning team. We help your teams to experience the execution of your strategy. Enable your team to implement your strategy successfully. Capture their hearts and minds – align their behaviours. Augment their capabilities – develop new ones. Let them practice implementing your strategy again and again in a safe environment. Build their confidence in their new skills – gain their buy-in – empower them to lead the company’s growth. Adopt this creative experiential learning approach, based on proven military techniques. Let us prepare, align and engage your team – in successfully executing your strategy.   For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.  
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Organisational change requires individual change. All change is hard at first – messy in the middle – and great at the end. Change management activities involve: defining and instilling new values, attitudes, norms and behaviours.   That’s where we can help. Before you can get real individual ‘buy-in’, people need to feel the problem. That’s where experiential learning really works well. When people personally “discover” why change is needed, and collectively model the improvements – they own, believe in, and readily implement the changes. Getting people to change behaviour requires a shift in mind-set, emotional commitment, and different leadership skills to those involved in making strategic and operational decisions.   As a specialist experiential learning team we help YOUR teams to experience the skills needed to: ✓ empower people to recognise and recommend where change is needed ✓ encourage the adoption of change ✓ stimulate and be motivated by change ✓ manage change   For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.  
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Experiential learning, executed well, ensures an immediate “empathy hit” with all participants – hence the “lasting impact” and “value” to the individual and their organisation. In every sport - experience counts - and, to instill learning, practice is assumed in order to attain perfection. We can follow the same logic for in our experiential learning/ business simulations. Learning leads to mastery when it is retained through experience.   “Formal” learning frequently fails; most is forgotten, unused, or tried once and abandoned. This is because, however well presented, the learning is:
  • in the head alone
  • not socially reinforced
  • not linked to personal experience
  • not practiced in a realistic situation
  • not shown to “create value for me, on the job”
  To execute well will require “experience” - throughout the organisation. Hence, the learning does not “stick” and has no real “lasting impact”. That’s where we can help. Learning has value when it leads to changed behaviour. Through experiential learning, we involve learners emotionally, socially, and intellectually in real challenges with important outcomes. The experience of getting things right and wrong are seen and felt. The learning changes attitudes, behaviours, has impact and sticks. It’s also highly engaging and fun. People learn best when they continuously experience an artful blend of challenge and support, provided for each cohort, through our crafted learning journeys. For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it.
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